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We have been providing funeral homes and cremation services since 1951, with dignified and compassionate services for families in Newberry, SC. One of the benefits of choosing our funeral home is that we know that the grief doesn’t end when the funeral or memorial service is over. It is normal and expected to have an ongoing need for grief support when a loved one passes away. Our services begin with funeral planning, but these services don’t stop when the funeral is finished. Call us today at (803) 276-5000.

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The Support You Need for Funeral and Cremation in Newberry, SC


Don’t be surprised when you are feeling a range of emotions while designing funeral and cremation services in Newberry, SC. This experience is a time of grief and loss, as well as a celebration of a person’s life. Designing a quality funeral can be a healing process as you are reviewing photos, videos, and memories of your loved one. At the same time, the right funeral or memorial service brings friends and family together to unite in the moment.


Our funeral planning team understands the challenges you are facing while designing an event to honor your loved one. We believe that the best decision you can make is to choose a reputable funeral director. Our trusted team oversees everything required to make it a beautiful, respectful event. When you choose our services, you feel good knowing that we truly care about the outcome of your event.


Since 1951, our locally-owned business has been serving the area with quality funeral and cremation services. We offer multiple funeral home locations in the community, to ensure convenience and access for families throughout the area.


Diverse Funeral and Cremation Services in Newberry, SC


Each event should be as unique as the family and individual being honored. When you are choosing a funeral home, it is important to find a team that respects the diversity that comes from working with families from all backgrounds and circumstances. Our area is filled with beautiful diversity, with people who have various beliefs, philosophies, and religions. These cultural influences can be woven into the funeral services, creating a custom opportunity to honor your family traditions.


Not only are various cultures and backgrounds supported through these quality funeral services, but we also offer the highest levels of respect for all relationships and lifestyles. When you choose our funeral home, you are promised a safe space with unwavering respect for your preferences for the event.


Full-Service Planning


One important thing to understand about funeral planning is that this process can quickly become complicated if you are working with too many providers. It can be challenging for a family to coordinate services from various local companies. Not only are you dealing with pain and grief, but you are also feeling the pressure of communication and event planning.


Instead of overcomplicating the situation by trying to do everything by yourself, it’s best to tap into the services offered by an experienced team. We provide everything you need in one simple location. Our full-service approach is designed to streamline the funeral planning process, giving you simple solutions for everything from burial to cremation, event planning, viewings, memorial products, and more.


Our team always maintains quality as the highest priority for each family. We never sacrifice the details of the event. Instead, we dedicate the time and effort to understand your preferences and needs. Then, each funeral or memorial service is designed to fit your unique requests. The result is a quality event that you will remember for the duration of time.


As you learn about our funeral home, you will see that our team offers everything you might need for quality services, including:


  • Funeral service
  • Cremation services
  • Memorial services
  • Grave markers
  • Headstones
  • Memorial products
  • And more


Schedule a consultation to discuss these services, giving you an opportunity to identify the specific plan that is the perfect fit for your traditions and customs.


Plan for Future Funeral Services


You don’t need to leave your family with the stress of dealing with last-minute funeral planning. Instead, be proactive with advanced funeral planning so the event is ready when the time is right. Preplanning can be done at any stage in life, regardless of your current health or circumstances. We encourage individuals to be proactive with funeral planning whenever possible because it simplifies things when the event is scheduled.


Advance planning means that you can learn about the various options for funeral and cremation in Newberry, SC at your convenience. We offer information here on our website. Or you are welcome to schedule a consultation with our funeral director. This conversation is designed to educate you about the specific services, with the goal of giving you a clear way to design your preferred funeral services.


When you’ve finalized the details of this event, then we hold this information on file for the future. Your family will be grateful that they don’t have to guess your preferences when the funeral needs to be scheduled.


Funeral Services: Celebrate and Honor Your Loved One


Funeral or memorial services give the family time to remember the unique experienced that were shared over the years. While you are working through the grief, it can be healing to celebrate the life that was lived. How would your loved one want to be remembered? Design the event around the person’s preferences and desires.


You are welcome to learn more about funeral and cremation planning in Newberry, SC. Contact our team to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Funeral & Cremation FAQs


What should I bring when planning a service?

  • to make this process as smooth and stress-free for you as we can, so remember to bring the following information about your loved one with you as well:
    • Full legal name and home address
    • Social security number
    • Date of birth
    • Place of birth
    • Father's name
    • Mother's maiden name
    • Veteran's discharge papers (DD-214), if applicable
    • Highest education
    • Occupation
    • Information about the burial location if applicable
    • Clergy name and phone number if applicable
    • Names and relationships of survivors
    • Insurance policy information if using to pay for funeral expenses
    • Learn more about where to begin when a loved one dies


What service/s do you offer for veterans?

  • We're proud to do our part in honoring our country's veterans. Our duty is to provide you and your family with professional and dignified assistance during your time of need, and we promise to support you in honoring your loved one for their dedication and selfless service. Learn more about the veterans’ benefits here.


What to do to help kids cope with grieve?

  • When a loved one dies, it can be difficult to know how to help kids cope with the loss, particularly as you work through your own grief. By being open and honest, encouraging communication, and sharing your own feelings, you and your children can cope with painful times and begin your healing journey together. Click here to learn more about grief support.


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