Every life is a unique and personal story, and as such, every tribute should be a unique and personal experience. A funeral is a final farewell. How would you like this goodbye to feel, to those who will attend?

How will it best honor the personality and life of your loved one?

What is the one thing you want everyone to remember about your loved one? What was your Dad most proud of? When you think about your Mom at her happiest, what was she doing?

We can help you use details from your loved one’s life to plan their unique service, one that honors who they were as a person. We’re here to ease the burden of this task for you.

Perhaps your father said he didn’t want a “fuss” made when he passed away. That doesn’t mean you can’t plan a celebration. It means you can plan an informal, unfussy celebration.

Maybe your mother said she didn’t want to be “buried in the ground.” So, respecting her wishes, you choose cremation. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a ceremony to honor her. You can even have an open casket wake before the cremation, as a way for her friends and family to say one last goodbye. Or not. You can have the ceremony in a church, with the urn present.

Will you use traditional music? Or a live trio of musicians? Will the service be in the morning, with natural lighting, or maybe at sunset, with candlelight? Your setting can be a church, a chapel, a celebration hall, a mountaintop, or a beach. You may decide to serve food after the ceremony. It might be a light luncheon, or a formal dinner. The food choices are up to you.

We'll work with you to create a video tribute to share during the service, combining family photographs, chosen music, and professional effects. The video is also available as a meaningful keepsake after the ceremony.

Other personal touches we offer are an array of beautiful stationery to use for programs and thank you notes, and personalized glass candles as keepsakes from your service.

Use the expertise of your funeral planner to help you make these decisions, and to feel comfortable with your choices.

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