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Basic Services

The following are some of the other services our Funeral Directors will assist you with:

When a death occurs, there are certain criteria, mandated by law, which must be recognized and requirements fulfilled as a routine matter.  Our staff of licensed Funeral Directors will assist you and offer any guidance you may require.

  • The transfer of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home

  • Professional care of the deceased, which may include sanitary washing, embalming, dressing, hairdressing, cosmetology, and casketing

  • An arrangement conference with the family to plan specific details for the funeral

  • Locating the deceased's doctor to sign a death certificate; then filing this certificate at the local health department; obtaining the requested amount of certified death certificates for the family

  • Obtaining all necessary permits and authorizations, as required

  • Preparing an obituary to be placed in any newspaper requested by the family

  • Contacting local cemeteries or crematory, as required

  • Notifying family members or friends

  • Providing a location for visitation and funeral ceremony

  • Care and arrangement of floral pieces at the funeral home and cemetery, and delivery to the family's residence after the funeral

  • Arranging for Pallbearers and motor equipment, including limousines, as required

  • Ordering special floral pieces at the family's request

  • Arranging for Cash Advances for cemetery expenses, clergy honorariums, music, funeral escorts, and custom acknowledgments

  • Contacting Fraternal or Military organizations to take part in the ceremony

  • Arranging for a personalized remembrance package, consisting of a register book, memorial folders, acknowledgments, and an assistance guide

  • Assist with Social Security and Veteran benefits

  • Coordinate a monument/memorial that will be a lasting tribute to the life lived

  • Assist in the selection of a casket, urn and burial vault

  • Filing of life insurance claims

  • Provide a Children's Room to be used during visitations and funerals at the funeral home